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Sleep Basics Package

  • 737 US dollars


When you purchase this package you will: * Get your baby to settle independently * Sleep through the night * Wake up well rested * Have great naps * Better family life It includes: - Assessment of your child's history and background. - Private 90 to 120 minute consultation. - Personalized plan to optimize sleep for the whole family. - Nursery assessment. - 3 weeks of private coaching. - 3 weeks of unlimited email access - 2 check-in calls - Daily assessment of Interactive sleep log. TESTIMONIAL: ***** I absolutely recommend our gentle sleep-trainer Alejandra Zuniga, I can't thank her enough for guiding us through one of the most challenging times for us as a family. Our daughter went from being a completely dependent co-sleeper to independently sleeping in her own bed. She also sleeps independently during travel (in a different environment), which is absolutely mind-blowing considering where we started from! Alejandra was extremely gentle and patient during this process and addressed all our concerns while walking us through the process step-by-step. Thank you again for being so professional & dedicated! Yussi El *****


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