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Sleep Foundations Package

  • 1,357 US dollars


When you purchase this package you will: * Get your baby to settle independently * Sleep through the night * Wake up well rested * Have great naps * Have better family life * Navigate regressions & milestones. It includes: - Assessment of your child's history and background. - Private 90 to120 minute online consultation. - Personalized plan to optimize sleep for the whole family. - 3 weeks of private coaching. - 2 check-in calls. - Daily assessment of Interactive sleep log. TESTIMONIAL ***** Hiring a sleep coach was the best decision my family could make! We were told by grandparents that sleep training was impossible, but we found Alejandra and gave it a try for our 10 month old daughter and it worked so well!! Alejandra is amazing to work with; she is patient and thoroughly explains the science behind the techniques. She answered all my questions and essentially “re-trained” me so I could get my daughter on a sleep schedule. My daughter is now 21 months and sleeps 7pm to 7am. It took a few weeks and we have been enjoying peaceful and easeful nights since she was 11 months. This was a smart investment and I highly recommend working with Alejandra and gaining the wisdom she shares as a mom of 2, who uses this system herself. She has saved my own sleep, my sanity, and my marriage! Sandra Ozigbo *****


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