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Transform your life in only 5 days.

VIP Week is a hands-on approach aimed at ensuring your entire family enjoys restful nights within just one week.

The streamlined and efficient system in place allows us to achieve maximum results in minimum time.


During these 5 days, I will focus on YOUR family so that you receive the dedicated attention, personalized support, and in-depth guidance needed to address your sleep challenges effectively without the distractions or limitations of managing multiple clients simultaneously.

Not in Houston? Check out our Lifetime Coaching Program.

This Program is only offered in the Greater Houston area, for now.

I want you to imagine your life a week from today

- What does it LOOK like?

- What does it FEEL like?

- Where do you SEE yourself?

What do you envision?

❌ Bedtime resistance
❌ Difficulty falling asleep
❌ Night wakings
❌ Bedtime fears
❌ Early wakings
❌ Feeding to sleep
❌ Rocking to sleep
❌ Exhaustion
❌ Low performance
❌ Weak immune system
❌ Not enjoying things you love
❌ Triggered  and unable to handle emotions 

✅ Confortable, secured, and relaxed at bedtime
✅ Sleeping in minutes
✅ Longer, uninterrupted sleep
✅ Independent sleep skills

✅ Consistent naps
✅ Positive sleep associations

✅ Great sleep through childhood and beyond
✅ Increased energy
✅ Reduced parental stress
✅ High performance at work
✅ Better health
✅ Quality time with your loved ones
✅ Sure about how to handle sleep challenges

✅ Spare time and energy to pursue passions
✅ So much more!

If you're leaning toward the latter, this program is for you!

So what happens in those 5 days?

I'll customize the day according to your needs, but generally this is how it looks

Day 01.

Assessment & Goal Setting

We'll start by getting to know your family's unique sleep story, and explore your current sleep routines, challenges, and dreams for better sleep. You'll receive some practical tips that you can implement on the spot to get some immediate results!

Day 02.

Introduction to new routines & habits

We'll craft soothing and sleep conducing routines tailored to your child's likes and temperament. We'll lay the foundation for peaceful nights ahead.

Day 03.

Independent skills and sleep associations

You'll learn gentle techniques to encourage self-soothing and build confidence in their ability to drift off to dreamland.

Day 04.

Troubleshooting nighttime challenges

We'll tackle each hurdle and find solutions to bring peace and tranquility back to your nights.

Day 05.

Feedback & refinement

We'll review the progress you've made and fine-tune our approach for continued success.

How does it work?


Secure your package

Below you'll find the link to book your package. Choose the date that works best for you. You'll need to stay home with your child for a week so we can work efficiently.


Onboarding & preparation

Immediately after booking you'll get an email with instructions on how to prepare for your VIP Week. You'll also receive a form to collect you info and history.


Begin your transformation

I'll be there bright and early, ready to dive into achieving your goals. Throughout the week, I'll dedicate myself to teaching you different techniques, educating you on pediatric sleep, providing solutions, troubleshooting any issues, answering your questions, and offering real-time feedback. Together, we'll make progress and pave the way for lasting positive change.

Family at a Beach

VIP Week

Five (05) days of action-packed intensive dedicated just for YOU.

✅ Assessment of your child's history and background.

✅ Sleep environment assessment.

✅ Extensive consultation.

✅ Personalized sleep plan.

✅ In-person implementation.

✅ Daily feedback sessions, reassessment and troubleshooting.


Spots are limited. Book today and get:

✅ Three (03) weeks of additional support via email.

✅ Night one (01) bedtime support.

✅ Sleep Gear Starter Kit.

Still not sure?

I want you to get your dream outcome.

Reach out to learn about other options we can offer.

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