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Alejandra Zuniga

About me

Sleep is crucial for the young mind's cognitive performance and motor skill development. My goal is to help your child achieve proper physical and mental development by improving his or her sleep.  

I'm Alejandra, wife, mom to Antonella and Lorenzo, and a certified Gentle Sleep Coach.

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My promise

Restful nights and better family life.

Your child's emotional well-being is my priority.

I will be by your side and guide you through every step of the way. 

My method

One of the most popular methods among parents because:

- It's 100% gentle, respectful and child-led.

- It's gradual. You won't leave your baby to cry-it-out.

- It's evidence-based and connection-centered.

- It supports healthy attachment.

 -It's shame-free.

- It has helped thousands of babies sleep better for over 15 years.

Easy Nights

Better nights, for even better days with your family.