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Say goodbye to

Night-time wake ups and bedtime battles,

And hello! to restful and frustration-free nights!

We help tired parents -like you!- to resolve your child's sleep difficulties so that you ALL can get QUALITY SLEEP, so YOU can become an effective, loving parent and productive individual.

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5 Steps To Get Your Baby To Sleep (with ZERO tears)

Click the button below and learn how to support and improve your baby's sleep in 5 simple steps. Download and begin your journey TONIGHT!

Our services and products

We are all about achieving long-term success. We empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to establish healthy sleep habits that will benefit your child for years to come.


More about me

Alejandra Zuniga

As a wife and mom to two (adorable) kids, I understand the exhaustion that comes with sleepless nights. 


Determined to find a solution that would bring peace and tranquility to our household, I explored and uncovered effective techniques to help my children, Antonella and Lorenzo, sleep peacefully.


Now, I share my knowledge and support other families on their journey to restful nights.

Click the button below to get to know me and let me guide you through the power of gentle sleep methods that truly work. 

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Does this sound like you?

✴️Do you feel like you've tried everything to improve your child's sleep without long-lasting results?

✴️Does it seem there's no end in sight to the sleepless nights and exhaustion?

✴️Are you frustrated that sleepless nights are taking a toll on your own well-being and the harmony of your family?

✴️And when it comes down to it, do you long for a solution that offers sustainable, long-term improvements in your child's sleep and restores peace and balance to your home?

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Sandra Ozigbo, TX

"Hiring a sleep coach was the best decision my family could make! (...) This was a smart investment and I highly recommend working with Alejandra (...). She has saved my own sleep, my sanity, and my marriage!"

Brianna Malone, TN

"Such an amazing experience working with Alejandra to sleep train my baby girl. It was gentle, yet so affective. It truly changed our lives as a family and benefitted all of us! I would recommend this to everyone!"

Florencia Llaudet, TX

"Alejandra changed my life. I called her in desperation when my baby was one month old and although it wasn't magic, with her tips, I taught my baby (without tears) to sleep and enjoy going to bed. (...) Having a guide for the first months of your baby's life is really priceless. Eternally grateful to Alejandra"
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