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My journey as a mom and a Gentle Sleep Coach

Hi! I'm Alejandra, wife, mom to Antonella and Lorenzo, pediatric sleep specialist and a certified Gentle Sleep Coach.

When Anto was born, we had recently moved to a new city, away from our families and friends, so I didn't have a great support system during her newborn stage. One thing that helped me through that stressful time was learning about infant sleep. Establishing healthy sleep habits from an early age helped my family get restful nights and joyful days. Anto is now 3 years old and even though we've had some natural regressions, she is a great sleeper, sleeping independently since 3 months old and easily adapting to different sleeping environments.

After experiencing a non-crying approach first-hand, I started sharing information and helping friends with their children's sleep challenges. I became so passionate about infant sleep that I decided to study and certify as a Gentle Sleep Coach, which I achieved in May 2021.


Since then not only have I been helping babies sleep better but also helping parents create time and space for themselves, which is crucial for their well-being.  I have been helping parents go from spending hours trying to put their baby to sleep, suffering from back pain, feeling sleep-deprived, or not having enough quality time with your partner or older kids to putting their baby to sleep in less than 10 minutes and enjoy a good night's sleep themselves.

Through my work, I show parents how important it is to create time and space for themselves in order to become an efective, loving parent and productive individual.

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