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 Newborn programs

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The Keys to Newborn Sleep

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The Newborn Sleep Success Program

I want you to imagine your life three months after your baby is born

- What does it LOOK like?

- What does it FEEL like?

- Where do you SEE yourself?

What do you envision?

❌ Restless nights
❌ Tired all day
❌ Relying on coffee
❌ Low performance
❌ Not enjoying things you love
❌ Unsure and anxious about sleep

✅ Restful nights
✅ Excited and happy to start your day
✅ Enough energy throughout the day
✅ High performance at work
✅ Quality time with your loved ones
✅ Sure about how to handle sleep challenges

If you're leaning toward the latter, this program is for you!

What you will get:

✴️ Private coaching until baby turns 12 weeks.
Comprehensive support tailored to your specific needs.

✴️ Unlimited email access until baby turns 12 weeks.
You will receive real time feedback and recommendations any time you need.

✴️ Weekly feedback sessions.

Ongoing guidance and insights into your baby's sleep patterns allowing you to optimize their sleep routine and schedule.

✴️ Monthly coaching calls.
Check-in with me to discuss your progress and receive personalized suggestions. 

✴️ A supportive community.
Share your experience with other parents that are going through the same phase. Give and receive support and encouragement.

Value: $1,689.00
Your investment:

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